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You’re surviving, but time’s slipping through your fingers. You live for Fridays and dread that sinking Sunday-night feeling. You don’t know how much longer you can do this for. Isn’t there supposed to be something bigger, brighter, bolder for you? Shouldn’t your career be something more, somehow?

There’s a disconnect. And it hurts. This isn’t what you want.

I hear you.

Crying in the toilets had NOT been part of my career plan. And yet, time after time, I’d found myself there. Those brief escapes to that tiny, crappy cubicle where I could, just for a moment, let the mask fall, were the only things that punctuated my day and kept me sane.

Who'd have thought you and Clark Kent had

so much

in common?

Putting on an act at work. Playing a role. Pretending that this is who you are.

I wasn’t even sure if the ‘real me’ existed anymore. What happened to the confident, capable Lisa, with all her plans and her dreams to make a difference? I had two degrees, shouldn’t I have had this shit figured out by now? 

At school, you’re taught to choose one ‘thing’ that you want to ‘be’. You study, work your way up, do everything you’re supposed to do.

And then you find that you’ve grown and changed, and your job feels too small, somehow.

But the system isn't set up to help you shift into something else, is it?

Everywhere you look you’re coming up against a wall.

Even if you’ve got half a clue about what else you’d like to do, you’ve not got the qualifications, the experience, the money or perhaps even the time to make the move.

And to top it all, you feel like a big embarrassing failure.

Maybe, like I did, you’re wondering if work you love is just a pretty fantasy, something that other people get to do… like owning a yacht, or winning the lottery. A nice pipe dream, but not for the likes of you.

and yet, fantastical as it seems, it's niggling away at the back of your brain.


would it be like...

>> To get paid to be yourself?
>> To love what you do for a living?
>> To do work that stretches, challenges and helps you grow?
>> To recombine your skills, talents and interests into work you’re excited about?
>> To save your little corner of the world like a boss, and to come home each day, knowing that you’ve made the kind of impact that means something?

But how would you even start?

That’s where I come in.

I created career avengers to help you reveal your INNER HERO, figure out your SECRET POWERS, and learn practical, playful, real-world steps to get you freed up and moving towards work that makes you


Career Avengers offers a range of online, experience-backed products and services that are designed for career changers like you.

From a simple newsletter containing career change wisdom, advice and inspiration, to game-changing self-study materials housed in your very own members-only area, to packages of coaching sessions, there’s an option to suit you no matter where you’re at with your shift.

Everything I’ve created is based on three pillars…

>> A supportive community of career changers
>> Unconventional and playful missions and challenges
>> Specialist career change coaching

…which come together in a powerful combination move to get you clear, focused and blasting through the obstacles that are holding you back.


I guess you could call me your career-change Gamesmaster...

I’m a fully qualified, ICF-accredited coach, with advanced training from career-change specialists Firework (2015) and Careershifters (2016).

And for the last six years, career change has become part of the fabric of my life.

After a difficult, messy and painful career change of my own, I now have a bespoke portfolio career that leaves me feeling free, in charge of my own schedule, and totally in love with the work I’m doing.

In my work with Careershifters, I’ve helped showcase the highs, lows, challenges and realities of hundreds of career changes. For the last five years, I’ve also worked with dozens of career changers one to one in my own coaching practice.

I know the standard career change advice that’s out there, AND I know why it’s not working for you. I use effective, surprising and counter-intuitive techniques that actually work, so that you can stop wasting time and get your shift moving.

I’m also an online learning badass, with a seven-year background in making learning experiences engaging, effective and way more fun than you would ever expect possible.

These are my superpowers. My mission is to use them to help people break out of work that keeps them small, and into careers they’re excited about.

But don't take my word for it.
see what some of my past clients have to say...

This coaching has changed my life on so many levels.

I know myself better than ever. I have found confidence, self-worth, purpose and connection with myself. Lisa is calm, encouraging, and positive. She’s the best at giving someone the confidence to do what they truly want to do.

This has been more than career coaching to me. It’s been about getting to know myself, finding confidence, exploring my true interests without judgement and finally finding the motivation to act on my dreams.


I can honestly say investing in my coaching with Lisa is the best money I have ever spent.

Before I met Lisa, I only had the spark of a career idea, but no clue what this looked like or where to start. She helped me to crystallise this, and gave me the tools to help make it happen, along with endless encouragement and a safe space to fail.

I was only able to have the confidence to apply for the job I’ve just secured and perform in the interview because of the work we have done together.


Don’t waste a second more before booking Lisa!

I’ve come off every single call feeling braver about the changes I want, 100% supported, and with a much better understanding of what motivates me. Lisa’s zest for life is infectious. She’s an incredibly talented, insightful and skilful coach.

Our work together has given me the confidence to make some of the biggest and most terrifying changes I’ve ever made in my life. Now, I feel excited about what’s to come and confident that I’m now making decisions based on what I truly want.

– Kate

And what's with the superhero

What is a superhero?

An ordinary person by day, with a secret alter ego who zooms off by night to save the world. Right?

Nope. That’s all BACKWARDS.

Superman doesn’t put on a lycra suit and a cape to become Superman, the suit’s already on underneath. He is Superman. The business suit he puts on every day to masquerade as awkward, unsure Clark Kent? — that’s the costume.

And the same applies to you.

I want to help you pick apart where you’re pretending and what’s real, so that you can stop hiding the super-you that’s sitting just under your skin, waiting to emerge.

This isn’t about great deeds, rewriting history, or saving the world (although it kinda is).

It’s also not about the skin-tight costumes, the secret lairs or the conveniently helpful sidekicks (although all those things are pretty awesome).

It’s about getting clear on what ‘super’ looks and feels like to you, stepping into that, and then finding a way to take that into the world in the form of a career.

Because you are capable of transforming your ordinary career into something that
Feels extraordinary
you deserve to bring your whole self to work.

And this whole process gets about a gazillion times easier (and faster) when you allow yourself to play with it.

I believe that you already are a superhero. You deserve to feel like one.

And I’ve got just the telephone box, the revolving door, to help you transform.

So, if you’re ready to play, level up and find your Superwork…

Welcome home.

I’ve had results way beyond my expectations.

I was stuck in a challenging and stressful role, which wasn’t giving me the job satisfaction I needed.

With Lisa’s help, I was able to define what I wanted to do in the future and gain the confidence to make myself heard. As a result, I was able to make the transition into a role I deserved and which brought out the best in me.

I’ve been able to make dramatic and positive changes in my life and career thanks to Lisa’s coaching support.

HR Manager
I feel like Lisa’s helped me to set myself free.

Lisa’s given me a safe place to be myself, to speak my mind and to discover and explore next steps.

I’ve discovered so many things about myself that were unexpected! She’s also helped me to understand that I can be more, that I can fill my life with many different ‘strings’ to my career bow. I can have a dream of doing several different things at the same time and this dream is achievable.


Lisa's help accelerated my decision making and has probably saved me months of internal debate. 

Making decisions surrounding my career change alone felt nearly impossible, but Lisa helped me to see easily what I wanted most and that I really could get there.



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